Things to do before you start your yoga teacher training

Starting yoga training is like embarking on a life journey to the land of the unknown. You might have an idea, but the actual outcome is unknown. The training has lasting effects on how you perceive life, body transformation, and relationships with other people. However, the desire and focus can get you through the hurdle.

Things you should Observe before Going for a Yoga Teacher Course


Before you embark on this journey, clear your mind on what to expect at the end of the training. These expectations include:-

  • Instant benefits – rid your mind of what you want to be after the training. Do not picture instant success immediately after you complete the training.
  • Expected results – unless you know every concept, do not imagine a curriculum. Let the teachers do their work as you enjoy the experience.
  • Tiring exercises – they might be part of the physical training, but such thoughts reduce morale. Just live by the day and do as much as you can.

Clear Intentions

It should not be confused with expectations. Intentions act as reasons for undertaking the program. Anyone who steps in a class has a rough idea of what the course is all about. Your focus is completing the course and come out as the best yoga instructor. How do you set out your intentions?

  • Have a clear career path and weigh the importance of the training to the training.
  • Purpose to follow your routine to the latter and give the training 100% attention.
  • Have the courage to push through, even if the going gets tough.
  • Look after yourself to maintain a good shape for the classes. Fitness is key to the overall success of the process.

Look for a Credible School

Do your research on the best yoga instructors training in goa. Look at their rates, flexibility and training equipment. If possible, reach out to alumni for lessons learnt at the school. Yoga promotes both medical and mental wellbeing. Its curriculum must be verified since Teacher Training in India has strict policy guidelines.