My experience in my 200-hour yoga teacher training course in Goa

My experience in my 200-hour yoga teacher training course in Goa

Are you wondering about yoga teacher training courses in Goa?

Many yogis reach a point in their lives where they plan to take their love for yoga to the next stage and aspire to make a living off it.

Doubts and hesitations are common after this stage. The hearth may be willing, but the brain is whispering that being a yoga instructor is not a viable career option because it is not the right time or the right decision because there is so much competition and not enough resources. This definitely happened to me.

When you're actually prepared, when the time comes, or you simply have the correct attitude to give it a shot, you'll be faced with the next challenge: finding the right yoga teacher training course to attend. Since it is an expenditure of time, resources, and emotions, it is natural to put in all efforts to thoroughly study schools.

I was sitting by my window on a sunny afternoon in LA, California, contemplating on my love for yoga when my inner voice said to me with conviction, "Olivia, now is the time". In that moment, I was sure that I was ready for the next step and to dive deeper into the world of yoga.

Soon after that, I found a yoga school, completed my yoga teacher training and life has never been the same.

If you've arrived at this page, it's likely that you're searching for the right school for you. You could end up at the same school as me in Goa, or you could be drawn to another school.

There are many states and cities in India that offer in-depth and high-quality yoga teacher training courses. I chose to go to Goa because of my love for beaches, the ocean and the hot climate. What can I say? I just love the sun.

In this beach-heavenly place, I choose Kavaalya yoga school to do my 200-hour yoga teacher training course in Goa. I choose it because I heard great things about it. Their prices seemed reasonable, and most importantly, I heard that they have excellent teachers.

Why I am glad I choose to enrol in a yoga TTC in Goa

The whole team's primary goal was to pass on their yoga experience and its philosophy to the 23 students present. Of course, they are human and have feelings, yet all students could sense their enthusiasm for teaching and thought they gave it their all! A key point was that we are all unique people with unique needs. By increasing our appreciation and appreciation for ourselves, we will increase our knowledge and gratitude for others. The team was international, so I could see and learn a variety of teaching types, which I found really inspiring because each person presented each style in his or her own personal and professional manner. Furthermore, the creators of Kavaalya have a genuine belief in their students, and they sometimes recruit them after completing the teacher training programme and assist them further in becoming professional yoga teachers.

Safe instructions into the asanas (yoga postures), signs and contraindications, as well as how to set up lessons, develop sequences, and know and explain the distinctions between the conventional and newer features of the different yoga types were the key topics for the functional training. Adjustments and alignments was another fantastic class that I thoroughly enjoyed, in which we learned how to do asanas properly and how to tailor them to our individual needs.

Food and Life in Goa during my Yoga Teacher Training Course in India

The meals were prepared according to sattvic values. I have to confess that it initially tasted new and different due to the Indian style of cooking, but it was still enjoyable.

Because of their recently acquired sense of taste and the positive impact on the body and the yoga practice, most of the students began to love the delicious food by the end of the course.

Overall, I had a great time at Kavaalya Yoga and would suggest it to those interested in learning about various yoga forms. I will most probably go back for the 500-hour yoga TTC in Goa. It's also worth noting that this new experience of practising yoga at an Indian yoga school is often shaped by each person's own views of the instructor preparation, school, food, atmosphere, and so on. I experienced a range of feelings, which is both normal and necessary. It's sometimes about trying a different way of living for a while and turning it into an unforgettable and lovely journey that leaves your life changed forever.