How to become a certified yoga instructor

Yoga is both a science and art; a science because it has physiological effects on the body, and art since it involves human participation. For one to be a good yoga instructor, you need dedication and lots of self-sacrifices. Also, yoga schools like yoga goa teach all fundamentals of Yoga and how it impacts a person mentally and psychologically.

Steps to Become a Good Yoga Instructor

  1. Passion – You must have the zeal and passion for Yoga. Besides knowing what it entails and its benefit, the exercise should bring out the best in you. Most people might know what it involves but do it wrongly. However, the intention to want to know Yoga is a good starting point. In such situations, find a mentor who will guide you. They might be certified yoga instructors or those who are still under training. You stand a chance of getting the benefits of the practice.
  2. Go for Professional Yoga Course – there are very many schools that teach Yoga. They link every exercise with anatomy and how it impacts your body. Other lessons include the Yoga Philosophy, Practical Techniques, Body Physiology and Human Anatomy. You also learn from your teachers and colleagues, understand the business aspect and get certification after successfully completing the course.
  3. Registration – each country has its system of registering yoga teachers. Since it involves medical procedures, regulating the practice is done under medical guidelines. After completing the proficiency Yoga test, look for registration and accreditation of your training. Getting a licence will not only increase the customer’s trust in your craft but also help you get recognised by international yoga bodies.
  4. Continually Further your Knowledge – as you get more experience in Yoga, ensure you look out for emerging trends in Yoga Philosophy. It also includes safer and practical ways to do it. Furthermore, research around the need for yoga lessons and how it affects contemporary ways of life. Knowledge helps you grow as a person and make you a master in your game. The more you progress, the more referrals you get.